Pop-Up CD, CD-ROM, DVD Packaging
The Whidget is a patented CD, CD-ROM, and DVD packaging concept that provides artwork along with your CD product. In this age of multi-media high tech mania, we are slowly losing our culture to MP3 and Internet pirating, and collapsing the entertainment industry both culturally and economically. The loss of jobs and revenue through the distribution channels of the entertainment industry is adding to the worldwide state of our current economic situation. By offering the purchaser of a CD or DVD product an exciting visual surprise along with the disk, this incentive brings back the same anticipation that came along with the album cover of the 60ís and 70ís. The Whidget is printed on recyclable paper and is environmentally correct with the new packaging trends. The one thing that canít be pirated through the internet is packaging and since Andy Warhol proved to us through Pop Art, packaging and icons sell, as well as embracing nostalgic memories in our society. For more information on this patent contact Whidget1@aol.com.